Craft Fair Prize Winners - Door Prizes and 50-50

Thanks to all those who visited the Craft Fair on Saturday. We had about 370 paid visitors.

Special thanks to our vendors who donated door prizes .... and congratulations to 50/50 winner Enid Dollar who picked up $126!

Door Prize Winners 2018

Mandy Rafferty donated a wooden sign – won by Ann Marie MacEwen
Margaret Ellis of Maggie's Country Crochet donated a crocheted hat- winner Jarvis Mill
Natalie Loo Photography donated a Picture (rose), won by Donna Matheson
Michelle Redmond of Rice Point Designs donated a Sea glass picture -winner Gen Giddings
Jeannie Newman donated Avon products, won by Jeff MacKay
Helena Stead donated salsa, won by Anna Windsor
Ebenezer WI donated squares and applesauce, won by Jamie MacKay
Helen Doiron donated a hat and cloths, winner - Darlene Newman
Yvonne Doucette donated adult mitts, won by Louis Wood
Tangle Lane Inc. donated a book won by Pat Atkins
Kathie Doiron donated sunflower cards, winner - M. McGaughey
Lori Perry of Scrooge’s Gourmet Goodies donated butter tarts -winner Emma Lacewood
Arthur Buote donated stained glass and a woven runner -won by Dawn Hooper
Diane Breneol of Riverbank Crafts donated a hat -winner Colin Gaston
Bev Fanning/Helen Garson from Maritime Mandalas donated mandalas won by Michelle Brehart
Lisa Cameron from The S Squad donated books, won by Mary Ellen
Pat Doucette donated a fresh swag, won by Rodney Allen
Jennifer Giffin, donated a Christmas Ornaments for Charity ornament, won by Linda Hale
Emma Cudmore, from Young Living donated fragrance, winner Emily Dry Earla Oakes, from Mary Kay Cosmetics, donated a satin hands set won by Norlyn Micholson
Frances MacLure donated slippers, won by Libby Martin
Kay Wall donated a cloth bag, winner - Esther Kelly
Terry Jenkins, of Grace Gifts donated a tote, won by Francis Gallant
Connie MacDonald donated dishcloths, won by Elizabeth Lund
Adele Arsenault donated wine gift bags, won by A. Blaxland
Rachael Cumming of Bee Thankful, donated candles won by Ramona Taylor
Charlene Cypher donated Voxx socks, won by Annika Trivers

And in the busy-ness of the day – other prizes may have been donated by other vendors. If any vendors or winners notice corrections needed in this list, please contact the hall (Jenna MacLean from Down East Lavender; Emily Hart -LoveBites Sensory Teethers and Accessories, Anna Cooper and Jacquelyn Foreman of Anchored in Hymn)

Other prize winners were Becky -button tree, and Cindy MacRae -neckpiece

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