Phase II and Friends August 24

On August 24, you can dance your socks off at the Milton Community Hall from 8-11 PM. Great music will be provided by Phase II and Friends, a seven piece group featuring the voices of Keila Glydon, Jeanie Campbell and Gerry Hickey, backed up by four very fine musicians with Ed Young on drums, John McGarry on bass, Pat King on keys and sax and Blaine Murphy on lead guitar. Phase II began in 1990 and has been going strong without a break ever since. The band boasts a huge repertoire of songs, but still has a main focus of providing a great mix of dance music which includes fifties and sixties rock n' roll, but also much more.  Says Gerry Hickey, front man for the band, we have never wanted to limit ourselves to one style, simply because a lot of great music was written after the sixties. Songs like Footloose, Boot Scootin Boogie, Cadillac Ranch and the music of Abba are great to dance to, but were not performed until the seventies and eighties.

Phase II and Friends are always happy to accommodate the audience , so if you have favourites, don't hesitate to ask.

Doors open at 7:30 with dancing beginning at 8 sharp.

Bar services available.

We hope to see you there!

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