Booking Information & Rates


MAIN CONTACT: Milton Community Hall   902 566-3154

Alternates: Shari MacDonald     902 566-2738 (h)  902 368-3090 (w)
                    Ernie Coles            902  621-0351
                    Miriam Hooper     902  368-2011

MAIN HALL (Meridian Farms-Hooper Family Auditorium and stage) – Capacity 112 chairs, chairs with tables approx 100
- $125 per day
- $50 custodial charge, if clean-up needed.
- Additional charge for food/beverage service, if required. 

- For entertainment events 30% of the door receipts with $125 per day minimum.

- For weddings, if the hall is catering the event - $150 (plus catering and bar). If there is an outside caterer or food brought in - $250 (includes use of dishes, cutlery, tablecloths, sound system...) To reserve the hall for you to decorate the day (or part of, depending on availability) before the event - $50. 

KITCHEN – Additional $125 per day when the main hall is rented. PLEASE NOTE: Due to provincial food safety regulations, someone should be onsite with who has completed the province's food safety course. If you need  the hall to provide a person, the additional fee is $25/hour. 

CATERING  may be done by Hall volunteers IF they are available. Contact us to determine costs, as they vary according to menu, numbers, and length of event. FYI: A roast beef or turkey meal with dessert typically ranges $22-25. 

- $50 custodial fee - if clean-up is needed.

For more information about what you're getting when you rent the kitchen visit our Facebook page

BAR – Bar service is $30 per hour (includes 2 staff); Bar closes no later than midnight.

FCC COMMUNITY ROOM (upstairs) - Capacity 30 with tables, chairs, kitchenette.

- $75 per day (or $50 for 2 hours or less)
- Additional charge for beverages/food service, if required.
- $10 custodial fee if clean-up  needed.

BOARD ROOM (upstairs) - Capacity of 10 with tables and chairs.
- $40 per day or $20  per day with rental of Upper Conference Room.
- Additional charge for beverages/food service, if required.

SENIORS’ ROOM  (Upstairs)– Capacity of 12 people with chairs.
- Additional $20 per event with Upper Conference Room rental.

CHAIRS and TABLES – There are 100 grey metal chairs,  available for off-site rental at $1/chair (includes detachable colourful cushions). Some tables may also be available for off-site rental, $5 each, or bulk rates available.

CHAIR COVERS - The hall has approximately 148 white chair covers with white sashes. Rent is $1 if returned laundered or $3, if not laundered.

Rentals for community residents, benefits, and special circumstances, please inquire.
• Rates are subject to change and do not include taxes.

View the standard draft rental agreement.

To help estimate rental costs, here is a spreadsheet with sample prices. Please download it to your computer to help in your budgeting for events.