Booking Information & Rates


MAIN CONTACT: Milton Community Hall   902 566-3154

Alternates: Shari MacDonald     902 566-2738 (h)  902 368-3090 (w)
                    Ernie Coles            902  621-0351
                    Miriam Hooper     902  368-2011

MAIN HALL (Meridian Farms-Hooper Family Auditorium and stage) – Capacity 112 chairs, chairs with tables approx 100
- $125 per day
- $50 custodial charge, if clean-up needed.
- Additional charge for food/beverage service, if required. 

- For entertainment events 30% of the door receipts with $125 per day minimum.

The Board of Directors of the Milton Community Hall decided due to the significant volunteer commitment required that the Hall no longer intends to book weddings, unless under special circumstances.

- For weddings, if the hall is catering the event - $150 (plus catering and bar). If there is an outside caterer or food brought in - $250 (includes use of dishes, cutlery, tablecloths, sound system...) To reserve the hall for you to decorate the day (or part of, depending on availability) before the event - $50. 

KITCHEN – Additional $125 per day when the main hall is rented. PLEASE NOTE: Due to provincial food safety regulations, someone should be onsite with who has completed the province's food safety course. If you need  the hall to provide a person, the additional fee is $25/hour. 

CATERING  may be done by Hall volunteers IF they are available. Contact us to determine costs, as they vary according to menu, numbers, and length of event. FYI: A roast beef or turkey meal with dessert typically ranges $22-25. 

- $50 custodial fee - if clean-up is needed.

For more information about what you're getting when you rent the kitchen visit our Facebook page

BAR – Bar service is $30 per hour (includes 2 staff); Bar closes no later than midnight.

FCC COMMUNITY ROOM (upstairs) - Capacity 30 with tables, chairs, kitchenette.

- $75 per day (or $50 for 2 hours or less)
- Additional charge for beverages/food service, if required.
- $10 custodial fee if clean-up  needed.

BOARD ROOM (upstairs) - Capacity of 10 with tables and chairs.
- $40 per day or $20  per day with rental of Upper Conference Room.
- Additional charge for beverages/food service, if required.

SENIORS’ ROOM  (Upstairs)– Capacity of 12 people with chairs.
- Additional $20 per event with Upper Conference Room rental.

CHAIRS and TABLES – There are 100 grey metal chairs,  available for off-site rental at $1/chair (includes detachable colourful cushions). Some tables may also be available for off-site rental, $5 each, or bulk rates available.

CHAIR COVERS - The hall has approximately 148 white chair covers with white sashes. Rent is $1 if returned laundered or $3, if not laundered.

Rentals for community residents, benefits, and special circumstances, please inquire.
• Rates are subject to change and do not include taxes.

View the standard draft rental agreement.

To help estimate rental costs, here is a spreadsheet with sample prices. Please download it to your computer to help in your budgeting for events.