Donations & Support

Milton Community Hall is a volunteer non-profit based organization. The recent extensive and (expensive!) renovation have required going into debt. Much effort will be focussed on repaying the loans that were required as quickly as possible. Tax deductible donations, designated to the Milton Community Hall  can be made to the “Miltonvale Park Community Council” (7B New Glasgow Road -Rte 224, North Milton PE, C1E 0S7) - or dropped off at the hall.

The building campaign has designated categories of donors to the Hall’s Fundraising Campaign

APPRENTICE $30 - $99
noun — a person who is learning a trade from an experienced mentor
Contribute at the “Apprentice Level” and we’ll be able to purchase items such as a wood shingles, 2” x 6” wood framing, cans of paint, sheets of drywall, spools of electrical wire, bales of insulation, light switches and plugs and small light fixtures. enliven the interior spaces

JOURNEYMAN $100 - $499
noun — a trained worker
Contribute at the “Journeyman Level” and we’ll be able to purchase items such as kitchen cupboards, plumbing fixtures and trim, HVAC ductwork, stage curtains, small appliances, bathroom stalls, interior signage and rolls of sheet flooring.

noun — a skilled practitioner
Contribute at the “Master Craftsman Level” and we’ll be able to purchase such items as foundations, windows, roofing, electrical panels and heating system components.


Contribute at the "Community Builder Level" and we'll be able to make significant purchases which will help with the restoration of the community hall, and ensure that the necessary resources are in place to improve and maintain our services to the community. 

Thank you to all our donors to date:

$30-$99  -Apprentice
noun - a person who is learning a trade from an experienced mentor
Louis Hughes
David Weale
Dean MacQuarrie   
John Coles
Brian MacPhee 
Les and Gail Jay
Harold Morrow    
George and Alida Callaghan   
Clayton and Joyce Coles
Stella Ford
Nancy Hooper
Stan Carew  
Edwin and Kay Wall   
Wade Lynch    
Allan and Brenda Malone    

$100-499 - Journeyman 
noun -a trained worker

Fred’s Automotive     
Earl and Cheryl Hambly
Frank Johnstone
Nancy Goodwin
Mark and Shirley Hazen    
Eddy and Janet Dykerman    
Barry Toombs    
Gordon and Wilna Toombs    
Angelie and Paul Carter   
Vernon & Pat Willis   
Mr. and Mrs. George Bassett   
Robert Vessey
Crosby’s Construction
Connie and Allison MacDonald
South Milton Women’s Institute
Sandi Mahon
Cindy and Alan Crane
Tom Scully
Jack and Helen McCarthy    
John and Cynthia Potter     
Gordon and Mary Carter    
Nanne Garnham    
Roger Casgrain -Casgrain & Company Ltd    
Lise Parker
Master Craftsman  $500-999
noun – a skilled practitioner
John Hooper and Lynn Laird  
Hooper Farms
Thelma Murphy and Stephen Thomsen*    
Jamie Taylor and Leone Curtis*    
Kate and Stephen Murphy*   
Ruth Neill*   
Gezinus and Akkelien Vos
MacQuarrie’s Meats
Jennifer Neill Band and Jonathan Band*    
Island Mercantile    

Community Builders $1000

In memory of Rebecca Jessome
Parker Realty
George & Doris, Charles & Tamsyn Cosh-MacKenzie
Joyce Blackett
Bob and Miriam Hooper
Ernie and Florence Coles
Allister and Marlene Cummings
Gail Ling and John Coles
David and Dawn Hooper             
Pauline Smith*
Ran-Mac Electrical                         
George and Patsy Piercey

Kari and Brad Coles*
Therin and Jean Neill*

Community Champions $5000+
North Milton Women’s Institute
Hal, Della and Adam Parker*
Miltonvale Park Community Council
Bill Andrew
Shari and Gordon MacDonald

*Includes Christmas House Tour contribution